Spice Conference


The programme committee welcome high quality contributions to the conference on the following topics:

  • The application of assessment based improvement to lean agile development;
  • The definition and implementation of flexible and agile processes;
  • The impact of contemporary architectural paradigms (e.g. microservices and Function as a Service) on software process
  • Model based improvement;
  • Determination of risk, based on results of process assessment;
  • Knowledge and skills for process assessment and improvement;
  • Assessment approaches applied to lean agile development and operations;
  • Definition of process quality characteristics to support process improvement;
  • Empirical studies on characteristics of high maturity organizations;
  • Processes and process models applicable to integrated management systems;
  • Emerging process reference and assessment models;
  • New concepts for process capability and maturity models;
  • Use of process assessment in domains outside software, systems engineering and service management;
  • Conformity assessment approaches and schemes for process assessment;
  • New measurement and rating frameworks;
  • Gamification as a tool for process adherence and/or process improvement:
  • Best practice models and frameworks for digital capabilities;
  • Remote assessment techniques:
  • The role of situational context in process definition, adaptation and assessment.

The conference seeks contributions specifically relating to the following areas of application :

  • Innovation, knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Impact of software architectures on software process and process assessment;
  • Software, systems engineering and service management;
  • Automotive systems and software;
  • Aerospace systems and software;
  • Medical device and healthcare systems and software;
  • Enterprise systems;
  • Quality management systems;
  • IS/IT security;
  • Functional safety and cyber security;
  • Digital transformation;
  • Safety-related systems and software;
  • Test process improvement;
  • Financial institutions and banks;
  • Small and very small enterprises;
  • IT and public procurement.
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