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Click here to download SPICE 2018 Keynote Talk.pdf [PDF]

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Diogenis Stogiannaris

Keynote 1: Transition of a large scale software development organization towards the Agile framework, by Diogenis Stogiannaris, INTRACOM TELECOM

Diogenis Stogiannaris is Section manager, responsible for the operations and performance of a large group of skilled telecom engineers, and site manager of a company branch numbering more than 100 employees. He works for INTRACOM TELECOM, a global telecommunication systems vendor. He has been running operations and projects in the domain of Telecom Software Development for the Fixed and Mobile telephony applications of Large Telecom vendors. He has a long experience on telecom industry, telecom software life cycle and development models of large scale telecom systems. His projects are agile and of international and multicultural nature (Europe, India, China, Brazil). He will be talking about agile process assessment in his domain of expertise, focusing on improving areas such as organizational silos & resistance (tips and tricks to mobilize the organization) moving from individuals to teams, establishing accountability/ownership/drivership/leadership on team level, establishing the "retrospective mindset" and daily improvement selection of the right people to act as coach. The talk will also cover Team development, the "myth" of collocation (so called "under one roof") and how to secure/achieve and measure efficiency.

Dr. Sundeep

Keynote 2: Digitization and the Intelligent Enterprise, by Sundeep Oberoi Global Head, Delivery, Enterprise Security and Risk Management, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Dr. Sundeep Oberoi currently heads the delivery of Cybersecurity services at Tata Consulting Services. He has more than 30 years of information and communications technology experience. He is the author of 2 books and many papers and is actively involved in Cybersecurity, Wireless Technology and IoT technology forums. Dr. Oberoi is the Chair of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Software and Systems Engineering standards committee. These standards covers the processes, supporting tools and supporting technologies for the engineering of software products and systems.

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